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Industrial synergies

TFCM Complex fine sheet metal work

Since the 1970s, TFCM SAS has been working with manufacturers in the railway, aerospace, urban bus and industrial sectors, within the framework of co-development and industrialisation of all types of parts and sub-assemblies in complex sheet metal work:

  •     Synchronised processes adapted to project profiles, as part of continuous improvement of the supply chain.
  •     A mostly digitised, automated, and networked industrial tool (robotised cutting/folding/welding/cobbing)
  •     Specialised and modular know-how: co-development and technical assistance, prototyping and pre-series, cutting, bending, welding, painting, assembly-integration, buffer stock management and a lineside JIT delivery.

TFCM SAS bases its development on the controlled integration of robotic and cobotic systems, with two main objectives :

  •     To integrate digital technology into its industrial production models for small, medium and large series.
  •     To continue placing humans at the heart of the man/machine relationship.


TFCM SAS opted for an investment in the latest generation of versatile, digital-operated machines with automatic loading/unloading systems.

CNC cutting and folding machines are governed through network programming in order to optimize setting times..

TFCM SAS also acquired new folding robots to cope with its investment programme.

Thanks to these sustained investments, the company is able to :

  • optimize the productivity of its manufacturing operations,
  • strengthen its reactivity,
  • to reinforce flexibility by combining manual work and robotics.

Be it for manual or automated welding systems, the welding and assembly platform is organized in modular stations.

Modular organization :
The welding platform is dedicated to each type of material (aluminium, steel, stainless steel).
Such organization ensures great flexibility towards load variations.
The organization in modular stations ensures great flexibility towards load variations.

Last-generation robots :
TFCM SAS has equipped its welding platform with last-generation robots.

PLiquid paint, powder coating, screen-printing, for whatever type of components, assemblies or full functional systems, TFCM SA has all necessary finishing equipments in-house.

Powder coating :
Degreasing and spray protection to improve coat adhesion on your sheet metal parts manufactured by TFCM

Application of an epoxy or polyester powder with an electrostatic gun in 1 or 2 passes depending on the required performance,
Cooking between 180° and 200° allows for paint polymerisation by creating a tight and impervious film.

Manufacturuing wiring slabs for the railway industry or produces thermal and sound insulation kits, industrial insulation, etc. These products go through various phases at TFCM SAS.

Equipment, railway cable trays :

  • Cutting, assembly of trays,
  • Support laying,
  • Complete kit assembly,
  • Lineside JIT delivery.

Thermal and sound railway or industrial insulation :

  • Serial cutting according to sizes,
  • Pasting in environmental room (controlled temperature and hygrometry),
  • Full kits assembly,
  • Line-side JIT delivery.


All functions related to components assembly and integration in sub-assemblies or fully functional systems are operated in-house on a dedicated platform.

Assembly and Integration :
Assembly and integration operations are executed manually or semi-automatically for electrical, and mechanical components as well as heat and sound insulating elements. This is performed through screwing, crimping, riveting and pasting methods.

Kitting and Integration :
The integration of electrical and mechanical components and heat and sound insulating elements is executed manually.

TFCM SAS also performs the integration of electrical and electromechanical equipments (electrical cabinets, distribution boxes, consoles, shelters, etc…).

TFCM SAS has warehousing, inventory management, dedicated or specific packaging and delivery capacities.

For JIT deliveries, TFCM SAS will adapt the processing of the products to be delivered according to the different customer’s requirements :

  • Specific processing related to the very nature of the components, sub-assemblies, assemblies and functional systems,
  • Specific processing related to the conditions of integration within customer processes,
  • Dedicated processing, by taking into account both products and processes

Stock management
TFCM SAS has the physical capacity to store in its warehouses the components or sub-assemblies necessary to restocking supplies. As such, TFCM SAS manages a stock of over 70,000 items and parts lists.

Line-side Just in Time delivery
TFCM SAS has the necessary organization and planning tools to meet the various requirements of its clients.
The transport operations are assigned to specialized contractors approved by TFCM SAS.